Frank T Sinito

Frank T Sinito is founder and CEO of The Millennia Companies, a group of entities focused on housing and urban development.  In 1995 Frank T Sinito founded Millennia Housing Management and Millennia Housing Development, umbrella entities for the respective management and acquisition of multifamily affordable housing communities. In 2007 Frank founded American Preservation Builders, LLC to act as the general contractor for both the development and management companies. In 2013, Frank founded Millennia Housing Capital, which provides comprehensive real estate services tailored to the affordable and market rate multifamily industry with an emphasis on equity and debt placement, principal acquisitions, and asset management.

Frank also has many other diverse interests. Since 1992, Frank and his wife Malisse have provided fine dining in the Cleveland area at the award winning LockKeepers restaurant.  Frank holds membership in the Northeast Ohio Apartment Association and the Midwest Affordable Housing Management Association. He plays an active role in several Christian Ministries, and is Chairman of True Freedom Ministries. Frank is a graduate of Cleveland State University, where he minored in Finance and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

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